Meet the Easy Units Team!

George Hankov - MD / Sales Manager

Introducing George, the visionary behind Easy Units, whose extensive experience in the building trade spans from drylining to full house builds. With a vast knowledge of various areas within the industry, George's expertise is unparalleled. One evening, as George contemplated the market, he identified a gap for budget-friendly garden rooms and office units. Fuelled by his entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to provide affordable solutions, George transformed his idea into reality. The very next day, he founded Easy Units and hasn't looked back since. Engaging with clients on a daily basis, George ensures that their needs are met and expectations surpassed. From managing stock and placing orders to conducting market research and seeking the best quality materials at affordable prices, he meticulously works behind the scenes. George's dedication is driven by his commitment to bring clients' garden room and office unit dreams to life. With George at the helm, Easy Units thrives on his passion for the industry, his unwavering client focus, and his determination to provide exceptional value. His leadership and expertise make Easy Units the trusted choice for those seeking affordable, high-quality garden rooms and office units.

Sam Briant - Sales Manager

Meet Sam, A dedicated team member who brings a wealth of experience from the kitchen and bathroom design and sales industry. With a background in this field, Sam honed their skills while working at two reputable builders' merchants, specializing in kitchens and bathrooms. Through their time in the industry, Sam not only gained expertise in designing and selling these essential spaces but also developed excellent customer service skills while managing the trade counter. As Easy Units took shape, Sam joined forces with George at the very beginning of our journey. Playing a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations, Sam oversees the smooth running of the company. From providing estimates and quotations for our valued clients to engaging with them on social media, Sam ensures that our customers' needs are met promptly and professionally. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for customer satisfaction, Sam also takes charge of our social media advertising efforts, spreading the word about our exceptional units to a wider audience. With their industry knowledge and commitment to excellence, Sam is an integral part of our team, dedicated to delivering outstanding service and making Easy Units the go-to choice for quality and versatile solutions.

Stefan Hankov - Assembly Team Leader

Allow us to introduce Stefan, the skilled and knowledgeable brother of George. With a wealth of building expertise, Stefan's understanding of the trade is on par, if not greater, than George's. As a valuable member of our team, Stefan leads the Easy Units Assembly team with passion and a hands-on approach. His dedication to his craft ensures that projects run seamlessly and adhere to the fit schedule. Stefan takes charge of organizing the team, guaranteeing that all jobs progress smoothly and efficiently. With his commitment to excellence and attention to detail, Stefan ensures that every Easy Units project is completed to the highest standards. His role as one of our team leaders allows him to combine his extensive building knowledge with effective management skills, contributing to the success of our operations. Stefan's passion for his work shines through as he embraces the challenges of construction, ensuring that our clients receive outstanding service and impeccable craftsmanship.

Lachezar Pavlov - Assembly Team Leader

Introducing Lachezar, an invaluable member of our team who brings a diverse skill set and experience to Easy Units. With a background in both building and transport logistics, Lachezar offers a unique perspective to our operations. As one of our Assembly team leaders, Lachezar showcases his meticulous nature and unwavering dedication to excellence. He understands the importance of the finer details and ensures that every job is completed to the highest standards. Lachezar takes the time needed to ensure that each project not only meets but exceeds expectations, resulting in a finished product that looks as exceptional as it should. With his expertise and attention to detail, Lachezar plays a key role in upholding the quality standards we pride ourselves on at Easy Units. His commitment to delivering outstanding craftsmanship and his ability to manage complex logistics make him an essential asset to our team. Lachezar's passion for precision and ensuring customer satisfaction shines through in his work. His dedication to achieving excellence is evident in every project he undertakes, ensuring that Easy Units maintains its reputation as a provider of exceptional units that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.