Riding School Classrooms & WC block

Client Background:

A riding school located in Manchester England, required additional space to accommodate classrooms and restroom facilities for their students. They reached out to Easy Units for a modular solution that could be quickly assembled and customized to their specific needs.

Project Overview:

Easy Units was tasked with assembling three modular units, each measuring 3.6m x 10m, to be utilized as classrooms 2 to be split in half with the 3rd split in to 3, as well as a 4-cubicle unit for restroom facilities. The client opted to split the larger units to cater to their diverse requirements.

Special Arrangements:

To address concerns about slowly sinking ground, the client arranged for “Jacklegs” to be installed beneath the units. This innovative solution allows for adjustments over time to keep the units level, providing a stable foundation despite changing ground conditions.

Project Challenges:

The assembly process faced delays due to adverse weather conditions, including freezing temperatures that hindered progress. However, our team persevered, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in overcoming these challenges.


Despite the weather-related setbacks, Easy Units successfully completed the assembly of all modular units to the client’s specifications. The riding school now benefits from versatile and functional spaces that enhance the learning environment for students.

Client Testimonial:

“The guys worked really hard and were a pleasure to have around the place no issues at all. They were helpful and went above and beyond to get things sorted”


The Riding School Modular Units Installation project showcases Easy Units’ commitment to delivering high-quality modular solutions tailored to meet our client’s needs. Through teamwork, dedication, and innovative problem-solving, we ensure the successful completion of projects, even in challenging conditions. projects, even in challenging environments.

Unit floor plans

Week 1

Week 2